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Heart – Nurturing and being nurtured by friends and families of your community. We want Wrightwood to have the opportunity for a weekly get-together where you can discover seasonal produce, local farmers, artistry, businesses, charities, information on local events, and special talents directly from our Tri-Community and surrounding areas.

Health – We look forward to supporting personal health, family health, community health, and planet health. We want our friends and community to be able to choose and enjoy healthy, nutritious, tasty, locally grown, organic, sustainable and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and foods directly from your farmers and artisans.

Nothing feels better than shopping locally, knowing every dollar makes a difference for an artist, vendor, farmer, charity, and local business. Come experience your Wrightwood Certified Farmer’s Market and be sure to visit our new local events and local businesses table.

Nourish yourself, nourish your community!

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Your Farmers and Vendors

  1. Wrightwood Certified Farmers Market

    Moonstruck Farms

    A small biodynamic farm located in the foothills of Phelan, California providing farm fresh eggs, artisan meats, organically grown produce and flowers, and a pantry full of gourmet mustards, vinegars,… continue reading Moonstruck Farms

  2. Wrightwood Certified Farmers Market

    Little Wingnut Farms

    We are a family owned and operated home farm located in Hesperia, CA that grows Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions and Herbs while making Powders of what we grow, an expanded Spice line with… continue reading Little Wingnut Farms

  3. Wrightwood Certified Farmers Market

    Homey Goods

    Homey Goods is a home based business, founded by Theodore Maltezos since 2013. We bring the authentic traditional Greek food to local Farmer’s Markets. We are committed to quality, healthy,… continue reading Homey Goods

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