Defeating Diabetes With Food

Defeating Diabetes With Food

Welcome to Wrightwood Certified Farmer’s Market first monthly health lecture:

Defeating Diabetes With Food!

Classic Homeopathy

Our Farmer’s Market really is the heart and health of our community!

Presented by Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP a homeopathic practitioner in the Antelope Valley for over 23 years.

These are previous lecture notes we chose to leave up for community information.

This presentation is about Diabetes Type 2, because this condition is entirely a result of lifestyle choices.

Food is particularly useful in the process of defeating diabetes Type 2.

Fresh produce from our Wrightwood Certified Farmer’s Market can be a great tool to help you heal from this and other conditions caused by lifestyle choices.


We will cover 3 areas of health related to our foods:

  1. Digestive Enzymes
  2. Raw Foods
  3. Complex Vs. Quick Carbohydrates



What are Digestive Enzymes?

They are catalysts our bodies rely on to breakdown our food and receive our nutrition. Without them we don’t live!

Why are these Enzymes so important?

They do most the work digesting our food!


Produced by the body enzymes used in digestion:

Most of the enzymes we produce, used in digesting our foods are produced by our Pancreas

The pancreas has to digest foods which are:

  • Cooked
  • Bottled
  • Canned
  • Jarred
  • Frozen
  • dehydrated (there is an exception to this)
  • Preserved

What kills digestive enzymes is cooking and preserving food!


Raw Foods:

Why are raw foods a great help for diabetes?

When we chew a food up thoroughly, all the enzymes in that food are released and the food mostly digests itself!

Our food mixes and stirs in our stomach for an hour plus, with our digestive enzymes at work.

Wrightwood Certified Farmer's Market

Papaya is an extremely rich food high in helpful enzymes! Once chewed it can digest itself and other foods.

One of the medical pioneers in regards to healing diabetes naturally is a Dr. named Gabriel Cousins.

He has an extreme program with extremely good results in helping people heal themselves from diabetes.

His program is done through Tree of Life Center.

His book is called Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine. I highly recommend it.

I don’t usually need to go this extreme with my clients to see great results and lowered blood sugar levels reported.

My personal recommendation to my clients is usually to start with a 60-40 split. 60% raw foods in the diet and 40% cooked or preserved foods.

Ron’s favorite raw food breakfast is now on our website for your enjoyment:

Ron’s Chia Berry Breakfast


Complex Vs Quick Carbohydrates:

To make this very simple:

Sugar is a quick carbohydrate and taxes our body, promoting diabetes and other negative health conditions and complaints. The more processed the sugar, the worse it is!

Vegetables are complex carbohydrates especially before they are cooked or preserved and can help to heal lifestyle problems created by the overindulgence of quick or simple carbohydrates like sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.

This does become more complicated with fruit and some starches like potatoes.

Not everything is easy to distinguish from what is a complex or a simple carbohydrate.

Berries have low sugar and are quite healthy to enjoy even though they taste sweet.

Potatoes are very starchy, meaning they are basically sugar!

So, some research online will easily help you to discover what starchy or sugary foods are to be avoided when healing from diabetes and which veggies and fruits are able to help heal.

You may read more about complex vs. quick or simple carbohydrates here.



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