Farmers Market Reviews

Wrightwood Certified Farmer's Market

Farmers Market Reviews

Janice’s Review of Our Farmers Market Weekly Updates

Thank you for your emails.  I read every word and really enjoy the information.
I appreciate the time and all your efforts spent on providing the community with valuable tidbits.

So grateful.

Claire’s Facebook Review

So I went to the market and I bought Whole Life Soap, been using it now for a year and a half.. It’s incredible!Then I bought a jar of Salsa which is one of the best Salsa’s I’ve had in awhile (fussy about my salsa).After that I bought two jars of Strawberry Balsamic jam, a palate paradise.Next I bought a whole pie size cauliflower quiche with an extravagant cheese (French maybe) a name I can’t even pronounce, but oh the taste, “out of this world”…

Lastly, I sampled some Columbian coffee and it was the perfect cup so I bought a pound.There were so many awesome people from the Village that I got in a few hugs and on my way out the door I kissed all the pretty fresh flowers from “Flowers from the Forest.”

… All my senses were satisfied.. It was a class act at The Wrightwood Farmers Market!

Chloe’s Text Review

Yep…you two are classy!

Spent some time on the WW Farmer’s Market site last night and got SO excited for it today (that hasn’t happened since I moved here a year ago). Thanks for the vision, the dedication & the hard work you are both putting in!

Oh… and the funk, sass, and extra measure of “good edge”:)

You are appreciated!

Wan’s e-mail Review

It was wonderful to see you at the Farmers Market last Friday.

I want to tell you that I have not had so much fun at this kind of venue since I started shopping at farmers markets in the last decade.

I am so appreciative of the work that you, and Ron, are doing to make the market a place for community gatherings.


Thank you!

Amy’s Facebook comment review

It was so wonderful to see our Farmers Market come to life again this past week!

We hadn’t been in a while and stopped in Friday evening since we made it home in time. The market was amazing and there was lots of fresh produce, flowers, jarred goods, baked goods and I’m sure I’m missing all the other things that there were there. We are strong supporters of local farms and what they do to see our market turning into what a farmers market is and should be!

Chuck’s Facebook comment review

It was the happening place last Friday. Great place for shopping, eating and now being entertained:).

Just going to get better!!

Joan’s Farmacoepia Tour review

The veggie tour at the Wrightwood Farmers Market was most informative!

I learned a lot about the medicinal aspects of various veggies, but even more interesting to me was Ron’s philosophy of eating, e.g., paying attention to your cravings, eating seasonally, and trying new foods even when you are unfamiliar with them. Also, the farmers themselves offered valuable info about the content, ripening and storage of their crop.

Everyone should take this tour!

I plan to do it again.

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