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Whats Good About Our Food?

Produce Available at Winter Market:

Avocado          Beets            Berries          Broccoli

Cabbage          Cauliflower     Chard            Carrots

Citrus               Garlic                Kale               Leeks

Radishes          Turnips

Availability of Farmer’s Market produce is always subject to what is the best quality currently…

We change naturally with the weather!

What’s Good About Winter Market Produce?


Avocados have enormous health benefits. Avocados are best known for their help with lowering cholesterol. They are also shown in studies to help prevent and heal cancers of the prostate, breast, and mouth in particular.

One of the most amazing features of avocado is the healthy fat, oleic acid.
Look out for the old “avoid fat” diets, because healthy fats are extremely important. Healthy fats help your body to transport and absorb minerals and other nutrients in your foods. Research has shown avocados that are high in healthy fat to cause far better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Avocados are great to mix and match with other foods, especially greens, or any foods high in nutrition.


As Michael Jackson once said just, “beet it… beet it… beet it!”

One of the dozens of immediately useful values of beets is that they increase oxygen in the blood up to 400 times, which has been of great benefit to runners or other cardiovascular sports enthusiasts. This can also give a great lift to our immune systems and helps us protect ourselves from the flu season which follows our Halloween sugar indulgences.

Red beets in particular have fantastic anti-carcinogenic properties and have been used traditionally for people with leukemia in particular.

Beets are also known to reduce blood pressure as well.

When you are juicing don’t forget to toss in your beet tops or cook them up in a stir fry. There are tons of folic acid, vitamin C, carotenoids, and potassium in those leaves that usually just get tossed out as trash. With the intensity of health benefits in your Farmer’s Market beets, they just can’t be beat!



One of the best things about berries in general is they are low glycemic. They are sweet and tasty but not really full of sugars like most other fruits. Low glycemic means they don’t spike blood sugar. Blood sugar is not just a concern for diabetes. Extreme spiking of blood sugar is unhealthy and may contribute to diabetes and many other disease conditions.

Tasty low glycemic foods can help us feel better because they prevent the spikes in our blood sugar that create health issues and mess with our emotions and our energy.

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