This is where you will set up your store:

  1. First you will need to go through the simple registration process. Click the button below to register. Please save the e-mail you first receive as it contains the URL for your login which you will need each time you come to update your Farmer or Vendor information and change the featured image. Please save and don’t forget your username and Password. I would print these directions so you can read them as you work in your store.
  2. Login please.
  3. Once logged in: On the top left hand side in the black title bar you will need to click Wrightwood Certified Farmer’s Market, or Dashboard. Click “Stores,” which is a red icon, then click “Add New Store.” Don’t worry if I have already added your store. This is your advertising and I will replace what I have already added with your choice as long as it is appropriate and inviting.
  4. Add your store name at the top.
  5. Fill in your farmer or vendor information on the upper right side of your form. It is free advertising so our customers can reach you and understand your products. If you don’t have a website or Facebook please consider getting at least a free Facebook for your business. Come back and add them when you have them available.
  6. Scroll or look down to the lower right side of the page and set a featured image. You will need to upload a picture of your business, yourself, your logo, your table, your merchandise, your farm whatever makes your venue most inviting. You may look at other Farmers or Vendors information on this website to get an idea. Try to make it a picture that has around 240kb of information. If you need help to reduce the picture to a proper size you can ask Ron for help. Send him your picture attached to an e-mail at wrightwoodcfm@gmail.com. If it is too big it will slow down our website.
  7. Just above your featured image is store type categories. Please click any that apply to you. Please submit to Ron at the same e-mail address listed in # 5 if you do not see a category with your specific merchandise you want represented. For customers these categories are clickable and used to easily find you as the vendor. Please use them!
  8. In the text area add a few words about what is great with your farm or your merchandise. You can actually write as much as you would like about your business in this area. If it is longer than a paragraph, you basically will get a full page for yourself to advertise. But, the first paragraph is the most important. Also, please don’t make me edit. Go over it several times for yourself and maybe have another person edit especially for grammatical errors.
  9. Click “Submit for Review.” You’re done. Come back anytime to update your store and enjoy the free advertising our Wrightwood Certified Farmer’s Market is providing your business. We appreciate you and want to support you to be as successful as we can.

If you are returning:

  1. Type user name and password in login, then login.
  2. You will wind up looking at the home page. In the upper left hand corner on the black line left click (Wrightwood Certified Farmer’s Market title, or Dashboard)
  3. Click Stores which is in red on the side bar!
  4. Edit your store in the selection list or click Add New Store at the top of the page.
  5. Edit or add your store as described in the first instructions.
  6. You may add new pictures by clicking media and then add new. You may select new picture for your store by setting featured image on the bottom right corner of the page.

We will have to approve everything before you will actually see it on the page.

Merchant Login

For our Farmers and Vendors: This is free advertising we set up to help you build your local clientele. Please come back often to update
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