Jerry Ripley

Jerry Ripley

Jerry Ripley

Jerry Ripley has a Master of Arts degree and 35+ years of teaching and performing experience.

He teaches beginner to advanced – classical, celtic/folk and contemporary music.


Jerry was born and raised in Ontario, CA.  His involvement with music began in childhood.  Singing in choirs, followed by private study of accordion, piano, and (added in high school) organ.  In his senior year of high school, he earned the Music Teachers Association of California Certificate of Merit, Gold Seal in piano and theory.  During his childhood studies, he accompanied choirs and soloists, as well as performing in recitals.

While a student at the University of Redlands (Bachelor of Music, 1977, Organ and Church Music), he also began studying harpsichord.  After Redlands, he attended Claremont Graduate University (Master of Arts, 1981, Harpsichord).

Jerry moved to Wrightwood in November 1982 and has lived here since then.

In 1998, in part inspired by his interest in early music, he added harp to his musical life.  He began with the lever (aka “Celtic”) harp.  A few years later, he also took up the pedal (“classical”) harp.  Jerry continues to play both types of harp, using which ever one is best suited to the particular occasion.  These events can be anything from a concert to a reception to a private engagement in a residence.

Jerry’s days are filled with preparing music (including arranging and composing) for church, synagogue, and freelance events.  Especially with the harp, he finds himself embracing a wide variety of styles, from classical to Celtic to contemporary.  All of this and teaching too!

Although performing is a big part of Jerry’s musical life, teaching offers its own unique and incredible joys!  For him, there is no greater delight than sharing musical experiences and students realizing that they too can create their own beautiful music!

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