Massage by Cecilia Quinn

Cecilia's Massage

Massage by Cecilia Quinn

I am a certified massage therapist since 2003.

My goal for each client I serve is to help them “rejuvenate body and soul, regain balance”. There is nothing like getting a good massage to feel the pure bliss of life and being!

Come visit me at the Wrightwood Farmer’s Market for a try!

The best time to visit me is the first two hours of Farmer’s Market (4pm-6pm), to avoid the mad rush of people at the end of market who want my services!!

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  1. Hi Cecilia…how much do you charge for a chair massage? Where are you located? through the week.

    • Hi Tammy, the Farmer’s Market website is managed by me Ron. We set up direct contact information to promote our Farmers and Vendors. I’m very glad to see someone using it to their benefit. Cecilia is not able to reply directly here. I will try and get these answers from Cecilia at Farmer’s Market next Friday, but it is probably best to just contact her directly with the phone number listed on this page. Thank you for using our site for the benefit of yourself and our community as it was intended! Much appreciated, Ron

  2. Thank you Cecelia for relieving the stress and tension in my neck and head! Great job!

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