California Sunshine Kitchen

California Sunshine Kitchen


You’re in for a TASTE TREAT of dynamic proportions when you stop by California Sunshine Kitchen.

We make homemade jams and jellies (etc.) with flavors for many taste buds.

I have designed regular recipes to be lower in sugar while maximizing taste. The less sugar a jam or jelly has, the stronger the flavor of the actual fruit.

I also have a line of sugar-free jams in which I use Agave Nectar. Agave Nectar carries a low glycemic index for those who have diabetes, but it is still sweet! It also still has calories!! I occasionally run taste tests with similar items – my delectable Strawberry-Watermelon Jam is an example. I make it in both Regular and Sugar-free. In a “blind” side-by-side taste test, more people prefer the sugar-free!

Most jams and jellies are seasonally dependent. That makes most batches limited editions. Sometimes I store up enough fresh-frozen fruit to make the preserves out of season, but a specific flavor rarely lasts more than two visits to the Farmers Market – not because it goes bad, but because it SELLS OUT!!

So, if you find something you like on your first visit, you’d better buy it while it’s there because it may not be there when you come back.

Strawberry Watermelon Jam

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